Invitation to tender: “EOvideo product exploitation platform (EOVEP)”

The Earth Observation (EO) recent missions released the first video products (full-colour video of life on Earth) e.g. Constellation like Earth-i is equipped with an Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera that captures high-resolution images for any location on Earth and also films up to two minutes of video at a time as it passes over each target location.In the context of Exploitation platforms built so far either as Thematic (TEP), mission oriented (MEP) or regional (REP), this new type of product brings new perspective for advanced analytics capabilities, by capturing moving objects, including computer vision and machine learning. The envisaged procurement is aimed then at developing a Video product Exploitation Platform (VEP) , also interconnected to the ESA sponsored Network of Resource to deliver EO value added information for a much broader use, for scientific, social and economic purposes, as well as for the generation of new commercial applications and services.

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