Invitation to Tender: “Black Sea and Danube Regional Initiative – Applications”

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new Invitation to Tender: the procurement will contribute to the new ESA Black Sea and Danube Regional Initiative, with the ultimate goal of a coordinated approach to advance Earth Observation based science, applications and data exploitation infrastructures serving the specific needs of the Black Sea and Danube basin community. This will be done through a strong collaboration among institutions and related national, regional and international activities in the region. The present procurement addresses the EO applications component of the initiative. In this activity, ESA plans to support up to five independent projects, each addressing a priority application domain: a) environmental risk management; b) sustainable natural resource management in agriculture and forestry; c) river basin management; d) Black Sea coastal zone management; and e) Black Sea environmental protection. The expected outcome is to a) demonstrate the benefits of EO-derived information to support regional priorities in the Danube and Black Sea regions, while achieving measurable progress in embedding this information into the strategies and cooperation actions in the region, and b) an enhanced capability to cooperatively address regional priorities.

Learn more about this Invitation To Tender on the EMITS page.