Invitation to tender: “4DIONOSPHERE”

With the advent of Swarm ESA had initiated a number of activities aimed at supporting the scientific community to advance our understanding of our ionosphere and improve our capabilities to model its processes and interactions with the other components of the Earth system. In order to maximise the scientific impact of Swarm, ESA is fostering a long-term vision, 4DIonosphere, to maximise the impact of Swarm in ionosphere research and advance towards a better description of the ionosphere processes and its dynamics. Apart of this process, the 4DIonosphere workshop was held at ESA/ESTEC on 5th and 6th September 2017. During the workshop a number of Science Challenges and opportunities have been identified that need to be tackled in the coming decade.This activity aims at contributing to this vision. In particular Swam+ 4DIonosphere is part of an ESA initiative to be implemented through a set of different projects, workshop and activities, to address the main scientific changes in ionosphere science and to promote dialogue and collaboration among the different scientific communities involved.

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