Invitation to Tender: “SENTINEL-5P+ Innovation”

This activity is motivated by potential novel scientific developments and applications that may emerge from the exploitation of theCopernicus Sentinel-5p mission data. This satellite mission is dedicated to the precise monitoring of the Earth’s atmosphere with ahigh-light on tropospheric composition. The overarching objectives of this Sentinel-5p+ Innovation project are 1) To develop a solid scientific basis for the application of Sentinel-5p data within the context of novel scientific and operational applications; 2) To develop a number of novel products and retrieval methods that exploit the potential of the Sentinel-5p mission’s capabilities beyond its primary objectives; 3) To define strategic actions for fostering a transition of the target methods and models developed in this project from research to operational activities; 4) To maximise the scientific return and benefits from the Sentinel-5p mission.The Sentinel-5p+ Innovation project addresses seven themes related to atmospheric composition and ocean colour: Glyoxal (CHOCHO), Chlorine Dioxide (OClO), Water Vapour Isotopologues (H2O-ISO), Sulphur dioxide layer height (SO2-LH), Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF), Ocean colour (OC). While these seven studies themes are generally independent some degree of coordination between the themes is foreseen.

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