Intended Invitation to Tender: “WorldCover”

This procurement intends to develop the algorithm and software tools to derive automatic continental high resolution (10 meters) land cover over large continental geographical zones. The classification system/nomenclature proposed shall follow recognized ISO or UN standards (IPCC/LCCS) with a minimum of 10 classes. The system/software tools shall be designed in such a way that they can be implemented on existing infrastructures with the minimum adaptation. The system/software tools shall be designed in such a way that itshall produce the final product in the shortest possible time after last acquisition. This means that the system/software tools shall demonstrate its capacity to produce a continental land cover map at 10 meters based on previous year acquisition in less than x days after last acquisition. Both Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 constellations data shall be used. After acceptance of the system and software tools, the second part of the project is to produce the high resolution land cover map over a selected continent to be proposed and duly documented. The objective of the overall classification accuracy for the IPCC/LCCS classes shall be better than 80 %. The method and tools required for the validation of the final product shall also be proposed.

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