Open call for proposals

Within the EO Science for Society element, at least 10% of the total spend will be on proposals received through a Permanently Open Call.  This has been set up to be as straightforward as possible for bidders.

The scope of the call covers all activities under EO Science for Society including Science Exploitation, Public Sector Applications, Industry Growth, Platform Services and EO for Sustainable Development.

The objective is to enable bidders to propose new innovative developments that can benefit from a fast selection process by ESA.  Bidders should consider innovative development activities with a maximum duration of 12 months. Given the preliminary nature of the developments to be executed, a maximum budget of 150k€ per project is imposed.

Proposals can be submitted at any time. There is a submission deadline every three months where ESA will assess all of the proposals submitted during the three months up to the deadline.

To submit a proposal, a bidder should complete the proposal template provided as part of the tender documentation.  Details on the tender and access to the tender documentation can be found on the ESA EMITS website.  The ITT number is AO9101.

Given that the call is permanently open, bidders are encouraged not to submit proposals before they are as complete as possible. If additional time is required to ensure the proposal is the highest quality possible then a bidder should consider submitting the proposal for the following deadline instead of submitting a lower quality proposal within the most immediate deadline.

The target is that ESA will begin negotiations with successful bidders within 4-6 weeks after each submission deadline.

If a proposal is not selected by the Tender Evaluation Board immediately following the submission but the proposal has obtained a sufficiently high marking (ie “above good”) then the proposal is automatically included for consideration together with proposals submitted in the following three month period. This ensures that bidders are not penalized in case they happen to submit a proposal as part of a particularly competitive batch of other proposals.  To enable this, ESA requests bidders (if it is appropriate with respect to the activity being proposed) to submit responses valid for six months. However such proposals are considered to still be under evaluation and therefore ESA cannot enter into any form of discussion with bidders. To address this issue the following procedure has been approved by the head of ESA procurement:

  • Bidders who submitted proposals that are selected by the first Tender Evaluation Board will receive an invitation to negotiate as normal
  • Bidders who submitted proposals that gain a mark of “Fair” or below will be informed that the proposal has not been selected
  • Bidders who submitted proposals that are not selected by the first Tender Evaluation Board meeting but which are considered to be of sufficient quality to be retained and considered again in the following batch of proposals will not hear anything until after the following Tender Evaluation Board meeting

For more information and access to the ITT documents see and select ITT number AO9101 under the link “Open Invitations to Tender”.